IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles

The developers of the legendary Sturmovik combat flight-simulator are working on three new projects which are using a common engine and will be available on PC.

Battle of Bodenplatte
Battle of Bodenplatte recreates the air battles of late 1944 through early 1945. This timeframe allows modeling various player controllable fighters and fighter-bombers including the most powerful piston engine ever created by either side of the conflict. Moreover, we’re adding a jet aircraft for the first time! — Details

Flying Circus - Volume I
Flying Circus finally allows us to release something new for WWI era fans! Our long-term goal is to recreate all the greatness of our first title, Rise of Flight, to the modern engine of Sturmovik. These WWI flying machines will benefit from our newest technologies like virtual reality support and DX11. We’re beginning with the conversion of ten existing airplanes and adding the new map - part of France in 1917. The subsequent releases will add to the planes pool and bring new content, and with time we plan to integrate Flying Circus to our campaigns and Career mode system. — Details

Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka
Tank Crew is a tank combat-sim - it includes ten new tanks and self-propelled guns. Tank Crew brings ground warfare into the Sturmovik franchise with both single-player and multiplayer modes of gameplay. Several players are able to play as crew members of a tank such as a gunner, driver and commander - a feature that is missing in most popular tank games. Both the exterior and interior of these war machines are modeled with awesome attention to detail and damage modeling. The supplied map contains the Southern portion of the Kursk salient featuring the cities Prokhorovka and Belgorod. This map has been developed using a different approach - the larger size of our aircraft-based maps, has been traded for increased detail at the ground level. — Details